Why are we proud bearers of the name Kamrovec?

  “I don't know who to run from, I don't see any enemy”,

  With these words the knight Kamrovec tried to encourage his faithful comrades in the defence of the town of Tachov against the Hussites. Knight Kamrovec was distinguished by his extraordinary bravery. He belonged to the family of the Knights of Kamberk. He was born on 1.7.1395 in Kamberk and died on 11.8.1427 in Tachov. He was also called a brave and pious knight..

  The Hussites swore death to him and his garrison of 50 men defending Tachov. On 11.8.1427 they dug holes in the walls and penetrated the town. There, in the street, they killed the said Kamrovec and his fifty companions.

  In memory of the cut that happened that day in the alley below the boarding house, it is called Bloody. Here fell the pious knight Kamrovec with a handful of his most loyal comrades.

  Almost 600 years later, the name of this hero of Tachov will be heard in the places where he gave his knightly life for our town.

Tachov has a hero in its glorious history who gave his life for it.